Lasgna without cheese recipe

With egg and veggies we can make lasgna in our home without cheese so it is good and less in fat and high in protein. It is beneficial for kids and those who want to maintain their weight.

this is an new and best recipe in terms of health and nutrition.


Egg : 2

Carrots : (chopped)1/2 cup

Capsicum: (chopped ) ½ cup

Cabbage : (chopped) ¼ cup

Rice flour : 1 cup

Salt : to taste

Pepper : 2 tsp

Turmeric : 1 tsp

Oil : 2 tsp


1. First mix eggs and rice flour together with some water (till it looks like idli batter)with 1 tsp pepper and salt

2. Then finely chop every vegetables and microwave or steam it with added salt, pepper and turmeric.

3. In a sauce pan, pour the batter and flip it at both the sides(make sure that the batter you pour was thick in shape like pancakes).

4. Then do another like the same and add veggies in between and serve it.


Calories: 189kcal

Carbohydrates : 12.4g

Proteins : 1.2g

Fat : 0.7g

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