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After a long sleep of 6-8 hours our body is completely dehydrated. To make it even more worse we drink coffee, as a first drink in the morning. This, in the long term makes our skin dry and dehydrated as well as inflammation occurs in the gut. If you are an avid coffee/tea drinker, you can have them in the morning before breakfast but not the first thing in the morning. Below are a lot more yummy and refreshing options for you, which does not take much of your time in the morning.

Infused water :

Having a glass of plain water, first thing in the morning is the best. But some do not like the raw taste of water especially to drink in the morning as a first drink. If this is your problem, then you can easily get over it, by adding a dash of lemon juice or any cut fruits to enhance the taste of water. This method of drinking water actually increases your sense of taste buds as well. So go for it.

Miracle drink :

To make this drink, you may need to spare some of your time. But I would say it is worth as it has many benefits like, cleansing your gut, refreshes your entire system, gives a glow to your skin, and also improves your immune system. So, here is what you need, to make it.

Ginger, lemon juice, mint, honey. Add all of them in a blender and drink it without straining.

Cumin/fenugreek water:

The night before add 1 tsp of cumin or fenugreek seeds of your choice in a glass of water. Cover them properly and place it in a cool place, but not in a refrigerator. The next morning drink them as a first thing in the morning, do not throw the seeds, chew well and eat them along with the water.

Golden milk:

There is no specific time to eat or drink any type of food. You can have golden milk in the morning as well. Infact, having them first thing in the morning gives you an instant boost of energy. But, the effect will be better when you swap your animal milk with plant based milk. Because plant based milk does not require so much effort in the process of digestion, when compared to animal based milk. Here is how you make them. Pepper, garlic, ajmal, turmeric, plant based milk (almond milk, soy milk,..). crush all the spices and add them to the boiling milk. Let them boil for another 3-5 mins. You can have it as such or you can strain it and have them warm. It will be so much soothing especially in the winters.

Cinnamon water:

Cinnamon water is very effective in weight loss, but remember, you should be consistent. Boil the water, add cinnamon barks, wait until the colour of the water changes to brown. Drink this first thing in the morning. It is beneficial especially to burn the belly fat. You can add a drizzle of honey, to cover the sour taste.

Guava leaf tea:

In a glass of water, add 2 fresh guava leaves. Boil them until the colour of water turns slightly brown. Add brown sugar for sweetness. You can take guava tea weekly 3 times or every alternative day.

Honey hot water:

In a glass of warm water, add a shot of lemon juice and honey. Have this before workout, to get an instant dash of energy. And also to get a glow in your face and burn belly fat.

Moringa water:

Dry the drumstick leaves for a day or two or you can microwave the leaves to instantly dry them. Blend the dried leaves and store it in an air tight container. In the morning add one tsp of moringa powder to a glass of water. Do not add sweetner to get the maximum benefits out of it.

Aloevera :

Cut a slice of aloevera stem, peel off the outer layer and wash thoroughly until the slime like consistency in the outer layer is cleared off. Now cut the inner gel into pieces, along with that add a small piece of ginger and blend well with little water. After blending, strain the juice out. In a glass of water add 3 tbsp of aloe juice and honey. Drink this atleast 3 a week to get rid of all bad bacteria in the gut and intestines.

Apple cider water:

In a glass of warm water add 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinger. Have this first thing in the morning. Some may feel acidic to this taste, they can ignore this and swap with the above drinks. If you feel good then you can have this drink. It is also best for burning fat.

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