Updated: Apr 15, 2020

During this lock down we may comfort us with some zone that has to be changed soon when we have to go work after lock down. Some people experience sleepiness and lazy after lock down, so we have to change soon and be ready to rock!

For that we have to change some common behaviour:


Sleeping time is one of the major problem for everyone to change because some people set with 9-12 hours of sleep during lock down. After lock down the sleeping hours may be 6-8 hours, this makes the person more lazy and unconscious at work.


Before lock down ends try to reduce your sleeping hours by reducing one hour each day. This may help you to wake up fresh after lock down ends.


Eating more while doing work from home is common. Eating more makes a person to feel sleepy ,fatigue ,laziness and weak. Eating high calorie foods may cause so many ill effects as we seen in my last post. Food habits may change after Lock down because some may work a lot after lock down so they have less time to eat. At this time some people experience hunger all time during work hours.


Eat foods with their portion control to avoid over eating. To practice this habit try to include more *fibre rich foods to make you feel full and gut friendly also.

*Eat whole some foods .

*Restrict consumption of processed foods ,sausages,red meat and deep fried foods.

*Include more pro-biotics and pre-biotics(curd, wheat bran, Garlic ,Banana)


Some people works in building constructions, Marketing and business shops etc. These works having more movement from one place to another. After lock down many people may face some discomfort to overcome because they stayed at home for a long time .


Do some kind of work at home or walk in the terrace for atleast 1hour a day to keep your muscles strong. Walking increases the secretion of good hormones (serotinen) in your body this makes you feel energetic throughout a day.


Some people may use devices like games, mobiles spend their time during lockdown, this may create addiction. Children and teenagers are the major affected group. To overcome from this make a schedule of your work and try to reduce the addiction before lock down ends.


Use this precious time with family, Eat healthy and do some home cleaning and helping others may help you to spend time in a healthy way.

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