Infection or Fevers are usually caused by bacterial or viral infection and can accompany any infection illness. Infection can be transmitted from human or carriers in the airborne or from the droplets by coughing or sneezing. We can protect ourselves before it strikes us . It may show some symptoms before it comes, so we should sort out those symptoms and protect ourselves.


First it shows anorexia because the bacteria or viral infection try to stop your nutrient intake. We have to take small and frequent meals and you can eat your favourite food also. Take multivitamins and select foods that are rich in energy. Avoid strong smelling foods.


Some people may feel nausea or vomiting with headaches as well. To avoid this Drink after meals and limit intake of fluids with meals. Sip oral rehydration solution if vomiting. Avoid lying down after eating. Avoid having a empty stomach for too long because it may produce gas.


You may experience tasteless because you mouth receptors are affected. For this, use flavour enhancers salt, spices or lemon. Chew foods well and move around your mouth to stimulate receptors.


Sometimes constipation may occur for some people at this stage. So we have to Eat foods high in fibre content. Drink plenty of fluids and Exercise regularly. Avoid processed or refined foods.


Some people experience diarrhoea at this stage because body is trying to flush out those bacteria or viral we have to take plenty of water to get hydrated. Continue eating even you have illness because your body needs more energy to fight against infections. You can reduce the amount of dietary fats in your diet. Avoid alcohol. Avoid fried foods.


It is final stage you may experience slight change in body temperature because it is interaction between antigen and antibodies. So we should take plenty of fluids and eat energy and nutrient dense foods.

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