Our body is made of more muscles and bones to improve those muscles we need physical activity and a diet which is rich in protein and many things related. But here you have to improve with some other things I mentioned here.


Sleep is the major component for muscle synthesis and many metabolism so try to sleep for at least 8hrs per day to improve cognitive development, energetic and good hormone levels as well.


Our body has to do workouts and mobility to make those muscles activated and more stimulus of muscle contraction. To make muscle works we have to do exercises that improves those targeted muscle or do some yoga or meditation to fill oxygen in our muscle, this improves muscle synthesis and muscle gain.


When we are at home, we have to stand and walk other then sitting for a long time, so our metabolism gets boosted up and more protein synthesis so our intake has to be rich in protein.


Our diet should be rich in proteins and adequate carbohydrates. Fish, lean meats and milk that are rich in proteins for vegans and lactose intolerance – soyabean, almonds, cashewnuts and walnuts etc with pulses such as green gram, moong dal etc. Proteins are utilised in our body if adequate carbohydrates is try to take more high complex carbohydrates than simple sugars.


If you’re happy then continue with workouts if you’re not happy then don’t do workouts because bad hormone levels leads to impaired function of protein and then leads to failure to improve muscles in our body.


When you have faced any injury ,you should have more conscious about doing workouts and movements, don’t do workouts if there is any pain. Just take rest for 48hrs ,if pain continues contact physician.

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