GNOOCHI an healthy pasta to make at home


Its is an alternative to your pasta and noodles , it is an healthy way to make pasta at home itself without additives. It is aslo for kids who loves to eat pasta and noodles use this technique to increase their healthy weight gain and height.


wheat flour : 1 cup

potato mashed : ½ cup

pepperpowder : 1 tsp

salt : to taste

oil : to knead


1. Boil 3 medium potatos in a cooker for 4 whistles with little bit of salt

2. For kneading, take whole wheat flour in a vessels.

3. Add finely mashed potatoes with pepper and salt.

4. Then knead it and make a dough with soft and non – sticky texture .(use oil while kneading)

5. Then take fork and roll very small round ball shaped dough on the top side of fork ,At the end it will be look like pasta.

6. Then do it for whole dough to make pasta rolls.

7. Then in a vessel add water 3 cups then add very little amount of salt and heat it.

8. Then pour all gnoochi(pasta rolls) into the hot water.

9. Wait for the balls to come at the top(may be 3-5mins) and then stop heating it and drain the water.

Tasty and healthy gnoochi ready.

With this gnoochi do it like VEGETABLE NOODLES as you do.


Calories: 145 kcal

Carbohydrates : 13.5g

Protein : 0.7g

Fat : 0.3g

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