Following a routine is quite difficult for all of us. But imagine by doing so, when it can help us improve our health, what is the harm in trying it though. Here are a list of 7 heathy habits that can help you in the long run when u follow them.

1.PUT ON YOUR SHOES: It is not necessary to go to the gym to maintain fitness. You can start by doing simple exercises like squats, weights, skipping at home itself. It can also save your gym and vehicle charge. The main idea is to MOVE! MOVE YOUR BODY!! If you have been sitting for a long time then stand for a while. Start by doing simple movements towards your big fitness goals. Remember baby steps do work.

2.MEDITATION: Exercise keeps your body fit, whereas meditation keeps your mind fit and fine. Daily 10 minutes of meditation in the morning can help you work with the peace of mind throughout the day. So meditation is also as important as exercise. A body without a peaceful mind is not going to work well how much ever fitter you are.

3.EAT COLOURFUL: we all love different colors-be it colourful flowers, paints etc…why not add the beautifully coloured fruits and vegetables to your diet. Monotomy sucks in everything, in food as well. So try to include some foods daily, that have bright and vibrant colors.

4.SLEEP: minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep in a day is necessary, to help the body function without any stress. Sleep relaxes both our mind and of the best way to beat stress is to have a sound sleep. Feeling stressed, dive into the bed!

5.HYDRATE: well, imagine you have bought a new plant, you are watering it daily. What happens in the long run- you will see a lot of buds and flowers blooming. But on the other hand when you don’t water it properly, it becomes dull, dry, the leaves starts to shrink. Same mechanism applies to humans as well. So hydrate yourself well to keep your skin healthy. The only way to do so is to carry a watter bottle everywhere you go.

6.SCREENTIME: In today’s world everything has become digital. We spend most of our time in screentime. Especially during gaming and watching movies, we barely blink often, as we get immersed in the movie or what so. Firstly, this is not at all good for our eyes, secondly it bring in other problems like dark circles, headache, backache, when our posture is abnormal for long

period of time. Track your screentime with the help of some apps and try to reduce them gradually.

7.SNACK HEALTHY: we tend to eat more whatever we prefer to have as a snack. Especially, during watching try to take fruits and nuts, other than salty heavy foods. Now-a-days snacking have been an all time habit. So try to control them by having fibre rich foods.

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