1. EATING HEALTHY : You can have weekly one or two cheat days in the weekends, that is not a big deal. But if you continue to have in the weekdays as well that is where you go overboard on your health. As the old saying goes “HEALTH IS WEALTH”, health is definitely a wealth, an asset, which you take care of it really well. Especially the inner body, which means that you have to be conscious on what you put inside it. You cannot just treat it as a trash can and eat all the trashy junk food all the time, instead treat it as your own soul body which requires quality and nature food.

2. WORKOUT : If you have plans for the year like weight loss, you should also have fitness as your along side goal. Because, without working out you cannot attain your healthy weight loss goal. You can start with moderate exercises in the beginning and then improve with cardio and strength training for about 45 minutes a day. If you are one among the folks who do like working out, then you can try yoga and aerobics. If you have a set minded goal, you will look out to other ways in which you can do it, not other ways of excuses.

3. MEDITATION : Health is not only about weight management, it includes mental health as well. So meditating, which ideally means concentrating on your breath and eliminating thoughts flowing in your mind, can be done 15 minutes in the morning after you wake up and 15 minutes before you rest your head at night. By meditating, you relieve your stress, and learn to manage your stress. Because stress hinders in the hormones, and this is the underlying reason for many hormone related health problems.

4. MINDFULLNESS : This is another factor that you should take care of to keep your soul spirit at peace. You can practise mindfulness by meditating or following certain self care routines. This helps in keeping your mind calm and relaxed in situations that are about to explode your mind.

5. SLEEP : Sleep pattern which means, going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday can make a lot of changes in your inner as well as external body. In the inner body it can regulate the hormonal changes, and when you sleep at the right time at night you will not eat anything at the untime. In the external body, you will not have any dark circles, dull skin and what not.

Try to include the above 5 practices, aim for a healthier and fitter body in the year 2021. Let this year bring the light and shower lots of good health, wealth and prosperity to all of us.

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